Types of Intellectual Property

  • Patent - is legal protection of inventions guaranteeing a patent owner the exclusive right to the industrial application of the invention.
  • Trade Mark - is a mark that helps companies to identify themselves, their products and services. Thanks to this, from customer perspective, the companies differ from other companies bringing the same or similar goods and services on the market.
  • Copyright - protects literary, artistic and scientific works, musical works, dramatic, photographic, art works, architecture, etc. As a work also a computer program and database is considered as the author's own intellectual work.
  • Design - is the appearance of a product or its parts, such as lines, contours, colors, shape, structure and material or product decoration.
  • Other protection - geographical indication / appellation of origin, trade secret, plant variety, circuit layout rights.

Our services

Patents, trade marks and other intellectual property rights are recorded as separate fields. There are several web pages for each intelectual property that describe this issue, as well as various organizations involved in intellectual property registration, whether in the U.S., Europe or other part of the world. The actual registration process is quite complicated, preceded by thorough search operations, whether an intelectual property is not already registered. Hence, there is the IPTR, which upon fee, enables users the detailed access to the registered patents and trade marks list.

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